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How To Get Happy: Do 4 Things

     Anyone can get happy, be happy and find true happiness within themselves, living
life more abundantly if they want to, by practicing just 4 things...
If you have been taking medication for depression and it is not working, it is because you are trying to mask the symptoms instead of treating the cause. The cause is in your thinking, the thoughts you think. If you stop all your negative thinking, do you think you would feel differently? You would stop the negative feelings. To get control of your emotions, you have to get control of your feelings. Emotions and feelings are not the same but closely related. Your emotions are not good and positive or you wouldn’t be unhappy or suffer depression. Your feelings come from the thoughts you think. Period. This entire process all starts in your mind. To get control of your mind, you have to get control of the thoughts you think. You’re probably thinking that your thoughts just flood in randomly and you can’t help it. If that is the case, you are living by default and have no control over your mind. The mind is very powerful and most  know and understand that but they just don’t know how to get it going, kick into gear, have control per se. You can get control and it is much easier than you might think.
     If you want to be happy, simply do these four things for 60 days and see if your life hasn’t changed for the better. I’ll make a bet it does.
     1st Decide to be happy. It’s just a choice. Real happiness comes from within, not from other people, things or money. It’s a decision. When you’ve stopped all the negative thoughts and talk, you’ll stop your negative feelings and you can only be truly happy.
     2nd Wear a Rubber Band On Your Wrist to Break the Bad Habit of Negative Thinking. You have to get control of your mind, your physical thoughts you think and you can. It’s much easier than you think. Simply wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it every time you think a bad, negative or wrong thought. It may sound silly or even ridiculous but it works so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It breaks this bad habit of negative thinking which can lead to mild depression then severe depression. You have to be honest with yourself and actually snap it every time you start to have a negative thought and snap it hard enough to hurt. This snap should be on the underside of your wrist where it’s most tender, not on top or on the side. If you are serious about getting control of your mind, you have to do this and be honest about it. Every time you start to think a negative thought, snap the rubber band and replace it with a good, right and positive thought. Explain to others why you’re wearing a rubber band. Let them know if you should not snap your rubber band, if you say anything negative, they are allowed to snap it for you. They will also become your support and become more conscientious of what they say around you when they realize you don’t want to partake in bad, negative or wrong thinking and talk. The fact is, every time you think or say anything negative, you literally create negative energy that goes out in the universe, permeating and penetrating all of space with negative energy which is like a millions of little magnets attracting like energy that comes back to you. If you wonder why bad things happen to you, this is one reason.  If you say anything like, ‘we can’t afford it’, ‘we don’t have enough money’, snap the rubber band, replace it immediately with something positive. Think or say something positive such as, ‘we will buy it as soon as we have the money’. ‘We’ll pay that as soon as we have the money’. Pay attention to how you feel when you think or speak. If you have negative feelings, you are creating negative energy and attracting more negative, more lack and limitations. Stop using negative talk, especially phrases such as “I can’t”. These words actually disempower you. If your vibration raises and you feel good when you speak, you are attracting the right thing. Instead of saying ‘the worse it gets, the worse it gets’, you will soon be saying ‘the better it gets, the better it gets’! You will soon decide what you want to think about and choose how you want to feel. You will choose good, right and positive thoughts that make you feel good that leads to good positive emotions and are happy.
     3rd Being Grateful. Make a written or mental list everyday of what you are grateful for. Keeping a daily journal of what you are grateful for is probably one of the single best things you can do to change your life for the better! What are you grateful for?  (Your family, friends, good health, home, financial blessings, peace, car, phone, computer, your job, your talents, intelligence, your ability to talk, walk, think, etc.) Start by writing a list and each day your list should grow. Count your blessings while FEELING Grateful, and say 'thank you God'. Feeling grateful, really feeling it as you focus on what you’re grateful for will bring you more of it. Always focus on the positive, never the negative. For example, “I am grateful for my strong healthy body” is good.  It is not good to say “I am grateful I am not sick” as this is focusing on the negative. The universe will give you more of what you feel really grateful for and it will lift your spirits, make you feel better and you will raise your vibration. While this is easy and such a small thing to do, it has phenomenal power.
     4th  You have to forgive everyone and everything that has ever caused you any harm or pain. It’s just a choice but if you don’t, holding a grudge, hating someone, holding anger in your heart is like you drinking the poison and hoping the other person gets sick. They don’t, you do. Every negative thought and feeling you hold onto long enough will make you sick. For you to heal, really heal you have to truly forgive anyone that has ever caused you pain. You also have to forgive yourself. Why, because this is not being good to yourself.
     There is more than one way to release that negative energy you are harboring within, (yourself) that is destroying your body, literally. If someone has ever really upset you to the point that you feel negative feelings any time you think or talk about it, you are creating, building and harboring bad, dark, negative energy within that will eventually affect your health. If you think time heals, you’re wrong, it doesn’t. Some people think that something that happened so long ago, that was very bad or negative at the time is not important and doesn’t matter anymore. The test is to talk about it to someone and tell the story the best as you can remember it and pay attention to how you feel when you talk about it. Do you feel yourself getting upset? Are you starting to feel badly, depressed or just not so good anymore? If so, you are still harboring that negative energy deep down in the soul that will and is manifesting into your physical body and will eventually create health problems. You can release this dark, negative, bad energy with a little effort.
     Get out a pad of paper and write a letter to whoever has caused you so much stress. Before we go very far with this, get one thing straight, you do not send this letter to anyone. No one is to see or read this letter but yourself. There is a definite reason, however for writing this letter, which is to release that negative energy that you are harboring within yourself so you can start to heal. Get in a quiet area where you will not be bothered and write them a letter and tell them off. Write to that person or persons and tell them why you are so upset, why you are hurt, how they made you feel. Write whatever comes to mind. As long as any thoughts on this come to mind, write it out. You can abbreviate, use symbols, whatever to write it out and fast, just so you know what it means. Write until nothing else comes to mind. You’ve gotten it all out, released it out on the paper, from the mind out through the pen in written words onto the paper. Write until you can’t think of anything else to say. When you are done expressing your feelings and letting out all the negative thoughts about that person or persons and the situation, you will feel a relief. THEN, you start writing that you forgive them. Write you forgive them and why you forgive them. You might write such things as you forgive them because to err is human but to forgive is Divine. You forgive them because you want to be good to yourself. You forgive them because you want to heal. You forgive them completely and unconditionally because you want to heal and now you are doing exactly that, healing from within to without. You forgive them because you are a good person and when you forgive, God forgives you and that is more important. Get the picture? When you write this all out, you will release that negative energy you are harboring within yourself. When you forgive, you start healing yourself. You will too, if you do this exercise and put some real effort and thought into it. Your thoughts are things! When you forgive, by writing it out that you forgive, you will feel a peace come over you. Pay attention to how you feel. The feeling is very strong and cannot help but be noticed. When you feel that peace come over you when you forgive someone, you are healing. You’ll then notice that when you think about or speak of that person or situation, there is no emotion or change in your vitals. The heart doesn’t speed up, blood pressure doesn’t rise, acid in the stomach doesn’t increase or get out of control. When that happens, you are free of that negative energy you created in the first place. Yes, you created. Again, it’s about attitude.
     You can take any situation and find many that have had it happen to them as well. However, there are many different reactions to that one and same situation. For example, a spouse finds some very intimate and romantic text messages on their spouse’s phone. One might go crazy, making accusations, file for divorce and leave. Another may ask their spouse what that is about and believe whatever they say because there isn’t a choice. They live happily ever after and it is never mentioned again or thought about it. Another may find it very upsetting, ask their spouse what the text messages are about, what it means, call the other person, drill them, insist on counseling, and stay with their spouse, but thinks about it all the time, losing sleep, thinking about the text messages, nearly every hour, every day, day after day, week after week, month after month. Their thoughts are all negative about the entire situation, no matter how many times their spouse apologizes or explains they made a mistake and didn’t mean anything by it. It was just stupid text messaging and having fun with someone on text messaging. Period. They might even dwell on this situation until their relationship is very bad, their health is in serious jeopardy and nothing matters anymore. When you lose your health, nothing else really matters anymore, does it? You can stop all the drama by simply stopping all the negative thoughts.
     One way or another, you have to release the anger you hold in your heart or suffer the consequences before it is too late and you only wish you had done this. Then when you forgive others for the pain they’ve caused you, you have to forgive yourself. Simply talk to
to yourself like you are a third person. Say to yourself  “I love you, (your name) I’m sorry, (your name),  Please forgive me, (your name), Thank you (your name)”. Try saying this repeatedly while falling asleep, silently in your mind or loud enough to hear yourself. Powerful. I use this forgiveness in my hypnosis audio, ‘Achieve Perfect and Radiant Health’ to help you to forgive others as well as yourself which is working with your higher power within so if you can’t do this on your own, going through the physical consciousness to get to your higher self, I help you with this. It works like magic! It’s powerful!
     If you are not happy, for whatever reason, whether it may seem temporary or is has been long term and you believe the reason is circumstantial, a specific situation or environment, then is it causing you to experience a lot of anger, jealousy, depression, hate frequently? If you can identify the problem, can you eliminate the problem? If you’re in a situation that is continuously causing you to be upset, mad, angry, jealous, hateful, sad, depressed, etc. most of the time, then make a change to your situation. For example, if you’re in a bad or unhealthy relationship then get out of that relationship. If you’re worried about how bad that would be to leave, take a look at how bad it is to stay. What outweighs what? When Sandra Bullock learned Jesse James was cheating on her and so many times, she got out without looking back! Even as one of the most beautiful women in the world and one of the top paid actresses on the screen, I’m sure Sandra Bullock was deeply hurt by James infidelity. We all have feelings and when our feelings are deeply hurt, destroyed or irreparable then it’s time to make a change. The question to ask yourself is how long can your health hold up with all the strong negative feelings and emotions you are experiencing?


  1. I really enjoy your podcast on this topic.
    It was very informative. You do a great job.
    I would enjoy having you as a guest on my
    blogtalkradio show. Take care and have a good day!


    The Self Help Mom

  2. I'm going to do this for me and I will find my true happiness and inner peace. Thank you my friend and enjoy life


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