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What is hypnosis?

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. Hypnosis is a relaxed but focused state of concentration in your own mind. It is a specific state of brainwave activity that the brain enters into when it is most receptive to suggestion. It is a relaxed state of consciousness in which the brain enters into the alpha state. It is NOT an unusual state of mind at all and you may not feel like you are hypnotized or in a trance. You only FEEL relaxed. You may feel so relaxed you feel like you are asleep which is a state of brainwave activity called the theta state. It is the same brainwave activity you experience before falling asleep. It is a meditation guided by another person.

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis, meditation, altered state of consciousness, sleep programming, guided imagery can all be one and the same. Everyone does these things and is familiar with one or some of these terms. You simply become relaxed, your mind relaxes and this can lead to a transformation to nearly every area of your life, resulting in life-changing insights, new behavioral patterns, and the relief of lifelong phobias or ailments. Here's how:

First, you need to understand the human body is a structure. The structure is made up of bone, muscle, tissue, ligaments, etc. Your brain is given structure by the thoughts and memories that dictate your actions. All your past thoughts, actions, experiences, and learning provides your brain structure which is a complex structure. Such complex structures like the human brain, require an enormous and consistent flow of energy to maintain their structure. In the brain, this energy is measured as brainwave levels on an EEG machine. The up-and- down pattern of brainwave levels reflects a fluctuation of energy to the brain. The larger the brainwave levels, the larger the fluctuation of energy. When you are fully awake (in Beta consciousness), your brainwave levels would show up on an EEG graph as small, rapid, up and down lines as such. There is little fluctuation in the level of energy, and they are compact and allow little new programming to enter.


When you alter your state of consciousness with hypnosis, meditation or as it happens naturally when you are falling asleep, your brainwave levels shift to Alpha or Theta as the diagram shows below. In these altered states, there is a large fluctuation in the level of energy.


In the physics chemist Llya Prigogine's Nobel Prize winning "Theory of Dissipative Structures", large fluctuations of energy can cause the structure to reorganize itself into an even more complex and higher form. That's why suggestions given to an individual exploring in Alpha or Theta are so effective in creative change. The new suggestion, dripped into the uneven Alpha rhythms like a pebble in a pond, creates a ripple effect through the stretched brain waves, tearing apart old programming and creating new behaviors and viewpoints. For example, you want to lose weight but you love sweets, so you continue to eat too many sweets because you can't seem to control your appetite. After meditating on the weight loss or being hypnotized, you may not find the sweets nearly as desirable and or may not care for any at all as the sweets no longer are appealing to you. To think about losing the weight when fully awake only creates a mental battle and is not possible to change this viewpoint while you are fully awake in Beta, for the small fluctuations of energy are suppressed by the brain. They are tight and compact and cannot be torn apart easily. If you are going to use hypnosis or sleep programming to create positive change in your life, it is not necessary to believe it will work for it will work. If properly programmed in an altered state, our brain will accept the programming as reality. It may take as long as a few days, or even weeks, but it will work. Each transformation makes the next one more real. Everyone is familiar with hypnosis, and experiences this altered state everyday, even if they don't realize it. You pass through these altered states of consciousness at least twice a day, as you awaken and as you fall asleep. Brainwave activity is divided into these four levels, based on cycles per second of activity, for now as we understand it. Alpha, Theta and Delta are all altered states of consciousness, and it is to these altered states that hypnosis works for you. Taped hypnosis sessions are a perfectly safe technique that can benefit anyone. You focus your full attention on one thing, directly communicating with your subconscious mind as was commonly known, now called higher conscious or inner conscious and you are open to suggestion and positive change in your life. You are always in control. Your senses become keener, sharper, and more aware.

Full Consciousness
Falling asleep at night
Awaking in the morning
Early stages of sleep
Deep Hypnosis
Deep Meditation
Full sleep to deepest sleep

Is hypnosis dangerous?

NO. Not physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. YOU do all the work and YOU make this work. You actually become more aware, not less. Your senses become keener, not duller. You are actually using more of your brain power, not less. The average person only uses approximately 10% of their total brain power on a daily basis. With hypnosis, you can use as much as 100% and that is totally up to you. I am here to guide you and show you how to make this work for you. The brain is an extremely powerful organ with 2 levels of consciousness. Most use the physical consciousness on a daily basis to make their usual decisions, like, what they are going to do each day or to figure something out, how to build something, fix something or get somewhere, for example:
The other level of consciousness is your higher consciousness or the spiritual part of you which is what you are working with. It never shuts down even when a person enters "an unconscious state" because they've had some kind of a serious brain injury.

The higher consciousness used to be called the "subconscious" as it seemed to be "down under" but it is a higher power of mind. You can't see it, touch it or dissect it. The brain is a tangible organ which can be dissected and when certain areas of the brain is probed, certain parts of the body respond. The mind is invisible and is in every cell of your being. It is the spiritual part of you. The physical consciousness has limits and can be one's worst enemy which tells you why you can't, shouldn't, wouldn't do all the things you only dream of doing. It tells you how you are not good enough, smart enough, or have what it takes to get what you want. The higher consciousness can overcome the physical consciousness and that gives you more control over your own feelings, thoughts and actions. Could this be dangerous? No, not in this type of hypnosis. We only work for the good and betterment of everyone involved.

Can Anyone be hypnotized?

Anyone can be hypnotized if they want to be. All you have to do is sit back, relax, listen and participate. Sometimes people think they are not hypnotized because they don't understand what is about to happen and they are waiting for some magical, mystical feeling to overcome them and be "put under", so when that doesn't happen after awhile, they come to the conclusion they cannot be hypnotized. Not that you would do that of course.

Everyone is hypnotized everyday and they don't even realize it. Whether it is the sizzling steak on an advertisement on TV which can make you hungry, make your mouth water or even imagine tasting it or the trance you get in while driving down that long stretch of road in deep thought, glaring for the longest time without blinking. Anyone that has the ability to understand a conversation, listen and think about the words I speak has the ability to be hypnotized and if they desire to be hypnotized, they will be.

The fact is, we are constantly hypnotizing ourselves. You can be your own worst enemy if you are not careful. For example, when you call yourself names, put yourself down and reinforce your own fears and limitations. Simply repeating, reinforcing such statements like, "I'm so stupid that." or "I can't do that, because I can't afford it..." or "I always have the worst luck." Such statements are words and words are things. You can trick your own higher consciousness into believing such statements and you will get just those results you asked for. Thoughts lead to feelings and feelings lead to action which brings results.
It is all a part of daily self hypnosis. Your inner world creates your outer world.

Can I do anything wrong or can anything go wrong
while I'm hypnotized?

Nothing can go wrong and you can't do anything wrong. You don't have to do anything except relax, listen and think about what I say. You don't have to say anything, but you do have to participate. To participate, you simply get comfortable, close your eyes and listen to my voice. Focus on my voice and if your mind wonders, and it will, that's o.k., just bring your attention back to my voice. JUST DON'T TRY TOO HARD! RELAX !!!! You want this to work and it will !!!! You are relaxed and maybe a little nervous the first time but that's o.k.. Don't try so hard to make this work, you stiffen up, tense up, and stop listening to my voice, while your own mind is screaming, 'This has to work, I want it to work, OH MY GOD, I CAN DO THIS, here we go, this is it. What did she say, I don't know.." Think of this like a mind game.

You listen to my voice and do what I say. When I say take a deep breath, simply take a nice deep but comfortable breath. This is the beginning to relaxing. Use your memory, to let the impressions flow into your awareness. We will imagine a beautiful place where you will go. Don't try to see pictures with your eyes closed. You may see pictures but don't try to make that happen or you will not be so relaxed. If I said to imagine your favorite place, quiet, peaceful where you feel secure and can relax and enjoy yourself. You don't have to see pictures, let the impressions flow in by using your memory. It may be your home and put all your favorite things around you, your favorite people. You only see darkness with eyes closed but as your memory starts filling your mind with these things, you may actually see pictures and know you are still awake and can hear noises around you but your mind lights up like a movie picture. If that startles you, you are raising your consciousness up until you can get into a more
relaxed state again.

Can hypnosis make me tell my secrets?

NO. You will not ever tell your secrets because you are hypnotized. You will not say anything, or tell anyone anything you wouldn't ordinarily tell.

What can I expect to happen when I get hypnotized?

First, you lie down or sit back in a comfortable position, comfortable enough you don't have to move. You can move if you want to or need to, but the more comfortable you get and don't have to move, the more relaxed you'll become and the more you will enjoy it. Try not to cross your arms or legs or even your feet. As you relax, the blood slows and the limbs tend to go to sleep when crossed and you can get that needle and pin sensation.

Second, we start by taking a few big deep breaths to release the tensions, stress and start relaxing.We go through a relaxation process which I help you to relax your entire body

Third, We do some guided imagery in which you use your imagination or just short term memory to think about what it is I am saying or describing. I always start my hypnosis with the beam of bright white light coming down from above and filling you up until it is overflowing. Imagine what it would look like and feel like. This is a cleansing of the soul and is spiritual. It is very complex and would take a book to explain it all well but if you remember the many pictures of Jesus with the beam of light coming down from the sky to Jesus' head and even surrounding his body, you can imagine that light coming down to you. I call it God's light or the universal light but with your own imagination, you can make it very real. It is a very good and positive thing.

Next, we will imagine a stairway which leads up to a beautiful place which is your place, where I will take you, where all your senses become involved. You imagine what it looks like, how it feels there, what you smell, who you want to see there with you and so on.
As you imagine the stairway, what does this stairway look like? Is it wooden steps that you remember having in your house? Are they carpeted with new carpet like you would like to have on this stairway? Or do you have an imagination because there are no limits here. Is your stairway made out of the clouds, so soft and clean, like walking up to heaven? Or are you so rich, the steps are solid gold and have diamonds imbedded in the handrail to make it sparkle? Try this little exercise and you can be as creative or imaginative as you like. Maybe just use your memory to remember your steps exactly as it is when you walk up your steps or someone's stairway. What this is like from your own memory or what you can imagine it would be like if this stairway was one you created from your own imagination, being creative. You are letting these impressions flow into your awareness while you do not actually see pictures to imagine this. You may only see darkness or nothing at all. You may get glimpses of things you are imagining, flashes of pictures or even a picture so vivid and clear, it is like watching a movie. Simply think about how it feels and what it would look like, be like, to take each step until you reach the top and enter your beautiful place. Try to add as much detail as possible.

With your eyes closed, when there is only darkness and you don't actually see pictures, which is a light trace and still works and works well. This is an altered state of consciousness in which your brainwave levels shift to the Alpha state. If you become so relaxed you do see pictures, you are in a deep trance and have entered the Theta state of consciousness which is similar to early stages of sleep or a deep meditation. Your senses become keener. You become more aware, not less, but you are in a deep relaxed state and may even feel like you're slipping in and out of a sleep state or even feel as if you went to sleep but you respond to my suggestions through the guided meditation.

Next, we go into the suggestions for which you have come to be hypnotized. The suggestions are mainly positive for whatever you are being hypnotized. To lose weight, for example, "you will no longer have the urge to snack between meals. All desire to eat rich, fattening, heavy foods is draining away.You no longer overeat at mealtime.Whenever you think of eating, you choose those good, healthful foods, foods that contain fewer calories, life giving foods, nutritious foods. and you eat the correct amount and you are totally satisfied".

To stop smoking, for example, " you can feel the old urges melting away...all that remains now are distant memories of having smoked you remove the negative habit of smoking, it is already being replaced by feelings of freedom from the nicotine, of energy and stronger lungs and heart..there is no loss" Lastly, when I tell you on the count of 10 you will be wide awake, you open your eyes, you do. You may feel like they opened automatically without even trying.

Remember you can't do anything wrong and nothing can go wrong. All the work is in your mind and you will simply feel relaxed to very relaxed. There is no feeling of being hypnotized other than a relaxed feeling. There is no "under". That is just show biz, dramatizing the hypnosis. You do not lose your hearing or your consciousness in any way. You will always hear what I say even if you don't remember. Reaching this higher state of consciousness or altered state of consciousness can result in new behavioral patterns, the relief of lifelong phobias or ailments and life-changing insights. You are always in control. Always. You cannot be hypnotized for something you do not desire. The higher consciousness is always alert, always aware. 
The higher consciousness (once commonly known as the sub-conscious and now referred to very commonly as the super conscious mind) NEVER SHUTS DOWN anymore than the heart does, even when in a comatose state. This is the non-physical part of you, the mind. The mind is the spiritual part of you. The spiritual part of you is in every cell of your being (your human body). In every cell of your body, has its own intelligence. Your cells in your body react or respond to every thought you think, every word you hear, every feeling you have. This spiritual part of you is very powerful. INCREDIBLY POWERFUL which can heal your self or cause you health problems and even kill you. Words are powerful, especially when backed by strong feelings. The Superconscious mind knows more than you do if you can understand that. It is your memory banks that stores every event, every word, every action you have ever experienced, heard or have ever seen.

It has feelings and a small inner voice. When you don't know what to do, "follow your heart". It knows more than your brain. Ever had a bad feeling about something? It didn't "feel right" so you decided against it? Even when you didn't know what to think?

Whether you are in a light trance and hear every word I say and remember everything very well or a very deep trance and feeling like you slept through the whole thing and don't remember anything I said is up to you and your higher consciousness. You may even snore but not because you fell asleep, only because you become so relaxed. That is o.k., a lot of people snore when they are hypnotized. You will always hear me and listen to me. You need to realize that you will open your eyes within 10 minutes after I tell you to or else you have fallen into a natural sleep and will not get much out of our hypnotic session. Your brainwave will be in a Delta state of consciousness and not respond to my voice. It is very rare that anyone falls asleep in a live session or even group session because you know what you have come to the session for and you participate. However, if you put on a recording to listen to late at night and you are tired, knowing you plan to go to sleep anyway right after the hypnosis is over, you may fall asleep if you are very tired. Instead of opening your eyes within 10 minutes after I say to, you don't open your eyes until the next morning, you have simply fallen asleep. Wherever you are comfortable is where you will be. Deeper trances are not really "better" or work for you "better" than a lighter trance. A light trance is as trancy as you need to get to make this work but deep trances are more fun, more interesting and are always very pleasant. Deep trances can give you some great insights. You may dream and learn from it. It may be spiritual in nature but always pleasant. There is no feeling of being hypnotized, however you may have sensations such as your body feeling very heavy or tingly in places or you may feel light, like you are floating. It is very easy, so don't try to make this into something difficult. Don't try too hard, or you will only bring on anxieties and have a difficult time trying to relax. Try to listen to your tape or CD once a day for at least a week or more, and then whenever you feel like it. Now, get ready, get comfortable, and relax and close your eyes and listen to my voice. see you in your dreams!

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