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Hi CJ I was at your meeting at ADM .... I would like you to know I knew when I left that meeting that I was not going to ever have a Cig again. I am happy to say that I have not had one for 8 days today. I have tried many many times to quit with no success. I have tried patches , gum, zyban, chantix. The chantix worked for 4 months until I got sick taking the medicine. I am so excited that it worked for me. And by the way, I went to get hypotized probably 5 or 6 yrs ago and smoked as soon as I left the building. I can give you nothing but praise for helping me.
I really feel like a non smoker and pray that I continue to feel that way and my husband quit smoking 2 days later, so we are doing it together. Thanks so much
- Cheryl L S,

Recently in late 2010, I was diagnosed with Cancer and the future did not look bright. I started using your CD's daily in support of my healing. About six weeks later and before I started any treatment and after a PET(full body) scan I was given a clean bill of health (in remission) from my Oncologist. I did not have radiation or chemotherapy and glad I didn't . I did recognize the White Light comming in - Very unique experience.
Your sessions were very helpful. Thank you very much from
A Cancer Survivor in Illinois.

You did a hypnosis session for me for healing of my right knee. The right knee is so remarkable, I can hardly stand how good it feels. I am just very very thankful it has just done what it's done. The knee is remarkably well. It is just unbelievable but there is no pain and my knee is just fine. Thank you again. Thanks C.J.
E.C. Jacksonville, IL.12/2010 (this comment came 6 weeks after this client started using hypnosis)

I feel better about myself. I don't eat snacks between meals anymore and I don't eat junk food anymore. I drink more water than what I used to.... I do listen to the cd everyday. I do notice a big difference in my attitude towards myself. I am able to fit into one pair of jeans that I couldn't wear in the past.
- Bridget,
Decatur, IL 1/26/09

I am still doing good. Listening to my tapes, actually I have only had one bad day so far. Which isn't too bad for me.... I will keep you posted. Thanks.
- Cheryl H,

Thank you for coming and doing the hypnosis seminars for us at ADM..... I attended the seminar in January, and have listened to the cd at least once per day since then.... I have not noticed big changes in my habits. However, I have noticed that I take smaller portions for my meals and feel more satisfied with them, think about food and dieting less often, and resist the temptation for sweets and snacks with a bit less effort, especially in the evenings when I had the most difficulty. And I find myself working harder in my exercise programs as well. So I believe this is helping, and will continue listening to the cd for the next two weeks and frequently thereafter (I've got it on my ipod to make this more convenient).I look forward to the tele-seminars.
- Yvonne,
ADM, Decatur,IL

I had several employees come down today, completely thrilled with their results so far... not one person who wasn't satisfied. My boyfriend hasn't smoked since the seminar.....I think it's making a difference in employees lives....
- ML,
Beardstown, IL. Cargill

I quit smoking with hypnosis in 2001.....I couldn't quit drinking soda (even though I always drank diet),... that I work for Pepsi Cola in Quincy and had no intentions of not drinking soda, and you said I bet you do, I gave it no further thought. Since the night of October 25th, 2007, I have not had even a diet soda since that day, furthermore I haven't had a candy bar, sweets or anything like it and we have gone through Halloween, Thanksgiving and now Christmas. I have lost about 10 pounds, have implemented walking into my daily routine, still having no desire to start smoking, and feel better than I have for a long time....Cheryl, I just can't thank you enough. I sleep better, eat better and at 56 yrs old, am probably getting healthier than I have been for a long time. Thanks again for all you have done for me.........
- Bobbi,
Quincy, IL - Pepsi Co

The hypnosis has worked well.....I do know I have lost weight, but not how much....
- Rachel,
Decatur, IL....reported she has lost over 70 lbs.

I attended your session....I am a registered nurse and was skeptical. However, I left very impressed and it seems to be working well for me( wt loss) .........
- LeAnn,
Mt. Sterling, IL.

Would like to attend your weight loss seminar....My friend and co-worker, Dxx Bxxxx lost 80 lbs. He came to you...
- Danny D.,
Ursla, IL.

I am not snacking and I have no urges to do so. I don't even think about it. I was concerned because I used to snack all the time.... I think I have identified certain items in my mind as .. ‘harmful to my health' as you would say, and no longer want those items...I am losing weight but it is slowly and I understand that. My eating habits have changed. ..I just wanted to let you know how I'm doing and thank you for it and also your charge is very reasonable. Thank you again. ...
- Van,
Jacksonville, IL...

Thank you for the hypnosis session I have attended....I have thoroughly enjoyed it and love to tell others about the effect it has had on my life. Thank you.
- Jessica,
Decatur, IL

I have done well with the smoking. I listen to the cd every day. If nothing else, I am sleeping very well and waking up feeling very refreshed. Which that in itself is absolutely wonderful. ..
- Diane,
Decatur, Il

As long as I listened to the cd, it helped me to stay focused by eating healthier and avoiding high caloric foods. ...It helped me to fall asleep easier...I've lost about 70 lbs...
- Jan,
Decatur, IL

I've lost about 30 lbs or 3 sizes. I listened to my cd daily at the beginning then went to about once a week....
- Liz,
Clinton, IL

I stopped smoking with hypnosis and it worked very good. I listened to my cd daily for a month and felt calm afterwards....
- Jamie,
Springfield, IL

I was hypnotized with a group of people at work to stop smoking and everybody quit but me. How come I am the only one that couldn't quit? I just found out my wife has cancer, just before I was hypnotized though and I've got so much stress now, I have to quit, cause I'm smoking my self to death...
- Jerry,
Chapin, IL Cargill

It's funny, I don't worry about my weight anymore. I haven't been on a diet in years, since I guess when I was hypnotized. I'm still doing great and listen to my tape once in awhile...
- Pat,
Winchester, IL

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