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 Stop Smoking with Hypnosis is Easy, Safe and Natural ! 
The best and easiest way to stop smoking if you have any desire to quit is with hypnosis. To quit smoking with hypnosis feels like something once did a long time ago, like a past distant memory. It doesn't matter...
how long you've smoke or how much you smoke or even how much you enjoy smoking, as long as you have a desire to quit, it works. Hypnosis is easy, relaxing, safe and natural. When you open your eyes after being hypnotized to stop  smoking, you will feel like a non-smoker and smoking will feel like a past distant memory, something you once did a long time ago. Will it work for you? Only if you want it to.
     You will NOT have the cravings, urges, desires for tobacco or feel like smoking. You will feel good and
 healthy. The smell of smoke will be unappealing and unappetizing. You will not miss the tobacco or nicotine. However, one most common mistake people make after being hypnotized for smoking, after the hypnosis session, they feel fine and they wonder where that urge for a cigarette is in them. They remember that oh so familiar feeling of what it feels like to crave that smoke but it's not there, so they re-enact it, with memory, feelings, imaging themselves smoking. Using their memory, they remember how it feels, that whirly burly feeling inside them, they re-enact it within, using memory, feelings and voila', it's there. They suddenly want a cigarette or smoke and boast this sudden thought, that hypnosis didn't work. But, oh it did work and oh so well. They were hypnotized to stop smoking and were intelligent enough to use it again to hypnotize themselves to become a smoker again! If you try hard enough, even if you don't realize you're doing it, you can bring it back, thinking about that feeling of cravings for a cigarette you're so familiar with. When you do this, you can do it in seconds to a couple of minutes to actually re-hypnotize yourself TO BE A SMOKER again, focusing on bringing those urges and cravings in.

ALL HYPNOSIS IS SELF HYPNOSIS. You can hypnotize yourself anytime you want. I suggest you know what you are going to do when you are done with the hypnosis session and be on your way and do it. Have a plan. Do not focus on the old memories of those urges, trying to feel the craving for the tobacco or nicotine (you think you're just checking to see if that old familiar feeling is still there, trying to feel that craving- BUT YOU'RE REALLY RE-HYPNOTIZING YOURSELF TO BE A SMOKER). If you just go on with your life and you can, you will not ever miss those cigarettes or tobacco. If you get this part, you will have great success in becoming a non-smoker.

A light trance is as trancy as you need to get for this to work. This means you do not have to experience a deep trance. Deeper trances don't really work better, but they are more interesting. A nice light trance is all you need for this to work. This means you simply sit back, try to relax, listen to the voice of your hypnotherapist, thinking about what they're saying, participating and you may hear him or her and everything they say, are aware of other noises around you and that's okay! To help you focus on their voice so you are not distracted, focus on your breathing, feeling and counting slowly to yourself while you inhale through your nose and again while you exhale through your mouth. Keep your tongue off the roof of your mouth so you can relax and relax your eyes by keeping them closed and looking out and up into the universe, way out there, into the darkness. If you do this, you won't have tension in your face or body. Keep your eyes closed until you're told to open them. Simply participating by following these instructions, will make you a great subject and you will be hypnotized even if you "don't feel anything" because you won't, other than relaxed. There isn't any feeling of being hypnotized other than a feeling of being relaxed. Afterwards, you should FEEL better, healthier, happier, stronger and SMOKE FREE.

When you're hypnotized, you are always in control. Always. Your senses become keener. You become more aware, not less. You hear and if you feel the need to know what is said, you'll keep your level of physical consciousness up, tuned in, so you can be aware of what is being said. Your mind may wonder. It can and if it does, just bring your attention back to their voice thinking about what they're am saying. Think about cleaning up your system as a cleansing on your body of toxins while becoming smoke free. This is powerful. A nice light trance is as trancy as you need to get to make this work. This is like a mind exercise. You do not just listen as if you're being told a story but rather, you have to think about it, using your imagination, being creative, actually participating with the mind, at work and feel it with emotion to make it most powerful.

I recommend that you are hypnotized by someone with plenty of experience, someone that has a voice that you like and feel comfortable with and be sure you receive an audio CD with the same hypnosis on it to listen to for reinforcement almost daily for 28 days. This reinforcement will help you stay in control of any stress you may have, but most importantly it will make you a non-smoker permanently. If you should have some very stressful event occur in your life down the road in say a year or 5 years, and you had listened to your hypnosis audio like you were suppose to, you will realize that no matter what happens, nothing can ever make you smoke ever again. Also, most of my clients simply continue listening to their hypnosis audios because it is so relaxing, they enjoy it, while it improves their attitude and makes them feel better, it improves their memory or they listen to it because they can't sleep or they use it to reduce their stress. Even if you have no desire to smoke, I suggest you listen to your reinforcement anyway so you'll never smoke again. Hypnosis has proven to be the best, most effective, easiest, safest and most natural method for people to stop smoking. While drugs may work for awhile, they have adverse effects on your body, finances and mind. So if you want to quit smoking and you do have to have some desire to want to quit, even if you have smoked heavily forever, there is no better way or easier way than with a good hypnotherapist.

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