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All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis:How to Optimize Your Days,Your Life!

You have the power within you to be, have and do anything you really, really want. Capture that power by
first acknowledging this. Observe your thoughts and what you are thinking. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. What are you hypnotizing yourself for today?
Because those repeated thoughts you think, good or bad become your beliefs. A belief is a chronic pattern of physical thoughts which become embedded deeply in your soul, your  super conscious mind (a/k/a subconscious mind). The physical mind you use for everyday living has what we call a critical factor that is always arguing with you, feeding you bad, negative and wrong thoughts, bringing forth the past negative experiences for you to think about and feel again, more negative thoughts and feelings.
Those negative thoughts and feelings lead to negative emotions such as depression which is the worst around holidays.
     To optimize your holidays and everyday, you have to first get control of your physical thoughts you think
 and you can. It’s much easier than you think. Simply wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it every time you think a bad, negative or wrong thought. It breaks this bad habit of negative thinking. Every time you start to think a negative thought, replace it with a good, right and positive thought. Tell others why you’re wearing a rubber band and let them know if you should not snap it if you say anything negative, they are allowed to snap it for you. They will also become your support and become more conscientious of what they say around you when they realize you don’t want to partake in bad, negative or wrong thinking and talk. The fact is, every time you think or say anything negative, you literally create negative energy that goes out in the universe, permeating and penetrating all of space with negative energy which is like a magnet attracting like energy that comes back to you. If you wonder why bad things happen to, this is one reason. 2nd You have to forgive everyone and everything that has ever caused you any harm or pain. It’s just a choice but if you don’t, holding a grudge, hating someone, holding anger in your heart is like you drinking the poison and hoping the other person gets sick. They don’t, you do. Every negative thought and feeling you hold onto long enough will make you sick. For you to heal, really heal you have to truly forgive anyone that has ever caused you pain then forgive yourself. Say to yourself  I love you, (your name) I’m sorry, (your name),  Please forgive me, (your name), Thank you (your name).(try saying this repeatedly while falling asleep). Powerful.
3rd  Meditate everyday for at least 20 mins., clearing your mind, thinking nothing. With your eyes closed and relaxed, look up and out into the Universe, beyond your eyelids, taking very deep but comfortable breaths. Inhale through your nose while you count on your fingers by slightly tapping with your fingertips, hold your breath as long as you comfortably can while counting again on your fingertips and let it out through your mouth again while counting by tapping your fingertips again. This is listening to God.
4th  Make a written or mental list everyday of what you are grateful for, your family, friends, good health, home, financial blessings, peace, car, phone, computer, etc. Start by writing a list and each day your list should grow. Count your blessings while FEELING Grateful, and say 'thank you God'. Feeling grateful, really feeling it as you focus on what you’re grateful for will bring you more of it. Always focus on the positive, never the negative. For example, I am grateful for my strong healthy body is a good. I am grateful I am not sick is focusing on the negative and is not good.  The universe will give you more of what you feel really grateful for and it will lift your spirits, make you feel better and you will raise your vibration. While this is easy and such a small thing to do, it has phenomenal power.
 5th Upon awakening, and several times throughout the day, imagine a bright white beam of light coming down from the infinite sky above, entering your head and filling you up until it is overflowing. This is the Universal light of life’s energy or God’s energy you can use to give yourself a spiritual cleansing and an aura of protection and harmony. It only takes 20 seconds or so to do. It is easy and simple with the subtle thought of doing so, makes it so and is incredible powerful. This is what healers use to heal. This is how I healed my shattered bones in 12 days. When you first start doing this, imagine the bright beam of light coming into your head, flowing into and through every cell of your body, filling you up, out the bottom of your feet into the earth below you, driving it into the center of the earth. This will get rid of all your negative energy and heals.
6th Decide to be happy. It’s just a choice. Real happiness comes from within, not from other people, things or money. It’s a decision. When you’ve stopped all the negative thoughts and talk, you’ll stop your negative feelings and you can only be happy.
7th Say some affirmations (they are most powerful in front of the mirror), like "Everyday in every way, I AM getting better and better" "Everyday in every way, I AM FEELING better and better, happier and happier, healthier and healthier!" Say it like you mean it. Repeat it over and over until you FEEL IT. Keep your affirmations positive. It will improve your mood. 8th  Smile and the whole world will smile back. You will radiate with positive energy and attract those with positive energy to you.

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