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Losing Weight Has Never Been Easier When You Use Hypnosis    
Harness the power within and reach your desired shape and figure. Hypnosis is incredibly powerful and safe. Through the power of the mind and a good hypnotherapist, you will lose weight even if  you don't believe you will. Hypnosis is now a trend, widely accepted and used by most health care organizations, hospitals and clinics but still highly misunderstood by many.
     Unlike a diet, you can lose weight without the mental battles of what to eat and maintain your weight and figure permanently. Losing weight with hypnosis is easy with the reinforcement of a cd used daily for about a month and proven to be the most successful permanent weight loss. Hypnosis has been proven to be one of the best, easiest and absolutely the healthiest and safest while the most relaxing and least expensive ways to lose weight permanently while you feel happier and healthier. When you understand hypnosis and know what to expect, you'll be successful in losing all the weight you want and need to lose, even if you don't believe it
 will work, it will work anyway. Hypnosis works if you want it to work. Anyone can be hypnotized if they  want to be. You will lose weight if you do desire to lose weight. The only thing that can keep you from being hypnotized is you, yourself. I often have people say to me, "I don't think I can be hypnotized." They are usually my best clients. They are usually people that have some big misconceptions about hypnosis and may have tried it but nothing magically happened so they gave up. They really wanted it to work but just didn't really understand, how to make it work. To be a good subject, you must understand some basic facts about hypnosis. When you are hypnotized by someone with expertise, you will simply sit back and relax, close your eyes and listen to the hypnotherapist's voice to guide you. You can't do anything wrong, nothing can go wrong. There are no dangers in this type of hypnosis. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. You are always in control. You will never do or say anything against your will, desires, beliefs or morals, regardless of what some people think. It is like a mind exercise or mind game. You do not lose control of your mind. You are always in control. You do not lose your hearing or any of your senses. Your senses actually become keener and you become more aware, not less. You will always hear me whether you think you do or not. It's up to you and only you to make it work because all the work is in your mind. You don't have to say anything or do anything. The hypnotherapist is using their expertise to guide you in your mind, giving you directions but you don't have to follow them if you're not comfortable with any part of it. There isn't ANY feeling of being hypnotized. You will not feel hypnotized. The only feeling you will have in this kind of hypnosis is slighly relaxed to very, very relaxed but you will not be asleep. Some feel only slightly relaxed and listen to every word and remember it all while others become so very relaxed, they snore but no one will go to sleep unless you're home in bed for the night and you're tired anyway when you turn on your CD. It may feel like sleep sometimes but it is not sleep. All the work is in your mind so you do have to participate and to participate, you think about what the hypnotherapist is saying. It is simply a guided meditation and incredibly powerful. With Hypnosis, you WILL reach your desired weight and figure. You will lose all the weight you want and need to lose, without the stress and mental battles of cravings, urges, over eating, stuffing yourself as you do when dieting. It is not a diet so you will not put the weight back on! You simply don't feel as hungry, while you'll crave the more nutritious, lower calorie, healthier foods. You will not desire the rich, fattening, greasy, high calorie, sweets, junk food and foods that are not good for you. You will not snack or eat between meals or late at night. You will eat what your body needs and when you are satisfied, you are completely satisfied. You will not lose weight so fast it could harm your health. You will focus on your desired shape and size and reach that desired size easily and without stress and maintain that size for as long as you want. You will desire to drink more water and be satisfied from one meal to the next. You'll lose weight without trying! Your eating habits can change drastically, immediately or it may be gradually over time. Some people can be hypnotized one time and their eating habits change forever and others need that reinforcement of being hypnotized by having a cd to listen to daily. I know many people that have lost their unwanted weight using hypnosis when they were unsuccessful in everything else they tried, including diets, pills and surgeries. I too, was one of these people. I struggled with diets for so many years trying to lose weight and keep it off but as soon as I went off the diet, the weight came back on and then some. The mental anguish of my weight going up and down and never knowing what size I'd be wearing next month kept me in somewhat of a state of frustration over my weight. Go figure, when it I'm pigging out on potato chips, Pepsi and M and M's for breakfast most mornings. I was hypnotized about 18 years ago and have not been on any kind of diet since. I have not drank a single soda or care for chocolate at all. I still have a hard time comprehending what a chocoholic I once was. I eat whatever I want now and never worry about my size or weight. I do have a desire for good, healthy, nutritious foods, especially vegetables (which I never cared for before). I'm a 5 ft 4 in, 53 yr old woman, about 120 lbs and I say about 120 lbs because I don't know what I really weigh because I don't own a scale or would want one. I only focus on my desired shape and size and I maintain it. You can reach your desired weight and figure with hypnosis if you want to. You use your sub-conscious mind, now more commonly known as the higher self, higher consciousness or super-consciousness. It never rests anymore than the heart does. This is where all the power lies. You will learn to harness that power within with practice of this guided meditation and that is all it is, a guided meditation and it is incredibly powerful. As a reinforcement to your hypnosis, it is best to listen to your hypnosis on a cd or ipod for at least 28 days. Some experts say you need to listen to the hypnosis cd for 21 days to change your habits for a lifetime while others say it takes 28 days. Nevertheless, 21 or 28, most people continue to listen to their cd for many reasons as there are so many advantages to continue listening to your cd whether it is for weight loss or other. When you are hypnotized, it is a mind exercise and you will soon find your memory improves. Your stress level will go down; you'll sleep better and feel happier and healthier all the time. You will feel a new and vital energy that flows through your body and mind each day you awaken from a good night's rest with a more positive attitude. You will be more motivated than ever to exercise, to take the time to be active each day. Well, in my hypnosis anyway, you will benefit all of these things, while losing weight. Good hypnotherapy will always leave you feeling good, no matter what you’re hypnotized for.

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