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I acquired this picture "Daniel in The Lions Den & the 23rd Psalm", in an estate auction many years ago. It's unique in so many ways. The meaning behind it however is very spiritual: He states that Daniel is Every man, and how it applies to each difficulty that you have to overcome. He says Daniel prayed 3 times a day, clearing up his consciousness turning totally in thought to God and raising his thought process as high as he possibly could. This is praying scientifically. He talks about how the real causes of all our problems lie within ourselves and that the only enemies we have are our fears,, doubts, selfishness, negative thinking and so forth. So Daniel got in trouble and he relates this to us by saying anytime you are in trouble you are Daniel in the lion's den. The lion's will seem terribly ferocious; but pray until fear has begun to go; keep knowing the Truth; in face of all appearances; and you will come out of the lion's den safe and sound, without a single scratch. You will come out stronger and better for the ordeal because every problem thus overcome is a definite step upward int he growth of the soul. About the picture he says Daniel is not looking at the lion's, but is turning his back on them. The more we think over our difficulty the more we amplify it, and staring at the lions will make them grow and grow until they are as big as elephants. Daniel is shown looking up toward the light, a graphic representation fo the Practice of the Presence-and the lions, instead of looking ferocious or angry, seem good humored as they stroll around watching him curiously. He always refers to how we must "watch and pray" like the Jesus' said knowing how subtle are the temptations to step aside into our old errors. We must live throught demonstration, as soon as you know thy Truth about anything, you need to check upon your own daily conduct and demonstrate your self in such a manner. When we fail, we can only be failing ourself and setting ourself up for karma debt that will have to be paid at some point in time. He says thoughts are things and all potential or failure lies in their creative and constructive use.
The 23rd PSALM   The Lord is My Shepherd-  The Lord, my shepher, will take care of me. Realize this Truth and every negative thing in your life will vanish away.
I Shall Not Want- I firmly believe that I shall not want for any good thing.
He Maketh To Lie Down in Green Pastures- Green Pastures symbolize an abundance of all good things that I need, and perfect all around harmony in my life. To lie down in them means they are to be mine permanently and forever and not merely as a temporary demonstration. He Leadeth Me Beside The Still Waters- Water symbolizes the soul, so this means that the power of God in prayer set my soul at rest, giving me perfect peace. He Restoreth My Soul- This is the promise of complete salvation; "I affirm that this is now true. I claim perfect health, happiness and prosperity. I am free. He Leadeth Me On the Paths of Righteousness for His Name's Sake- Righteousness means right thinking; and I know that to think rightly about any condition means healing and safety. All evil is wrong thought, all good is right or true thought. Christ in me, my good shepher, is now guiding me in the path of right thought; so all will be well. Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I Will Fear No Evil, For Thou Art With Me- I am never again to be afraid of anything, because Thou, my Good Shepherd , art with me. I know that because Thou art Life, there is no death, but of the shadow of death, which is our false belief. There is not death, but the seeming loss of thy Presence. Thy Rod and Thy Staff Shall Comfort Me- I know that my word (prayer_ shall go forth and that it shall not return unto me void, because I am Thy child and the heir of Thy Kingdom. Thou Preparest a Table Before Me In The Presence of My Enemies- my enemies are my own thoughts; my doubts, my fears, my thoughts of criticism of others, and self condemnation are the only enemies I can have. Thou Annoitest My Head With Oil- Oil is a symbol of gladness, praise and thanksgiving. This line assures me that I am to be rescued from all my difficulties and that I am going to receive a clear, full and all satisfying solution to my problem. That all unseen causes underlying it will disappear forever out of my life."when the Good Shepherd replenishes my cup, it is not merely filled, it runs over". Surely Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow Me All The Days of My Life- I now give Thee thanks, Infinite Divine Love for the accomplished fact, and I praise Thy glorious, unbounded perfection, for the flawless harmony and peace and triumph that surely be mine. I affirm this triumph. I claim it. I appropriate it. It is mine. I Will Dwell in the House of the Lord Forever- Thy Presence is with me and it gives me rest. Now no doubts nor fears can by any means creep in. I am thy child, the son of Thy House, a house not made with hands, Eternal in the Heaven and in that house I dwell with Thee forever and ever. Amen- and it is done.
 Hope you were enlightened by this. I don't know if I'd sell this picture if I were offered $50k but I hope you enjoyed.

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