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You have to forgive everyone and everything that has ever caused you any harm or pain. It’s just a choice but if you don’t, everytime you think about them or what they did, holding a grudge, hating someone, holding anger in your heart is like you drinking the poison and hoping the other person gets sick. They
don’t, you do. Every negative thought and feeling you hold onto long enough will make you sick. For you to heal, really heal you have to truly forgive anyone that has ever caused you pain. You also have to forgive yourself. Why, because this is not treating yourself so goodt. Thoughts are things. Every thought you think is either good or bad. Every thought creates good feelings or bad which is good energy or bad energy. Good thoughts create good energy or bad thoughts create bad energy which gather and stay within you. While you harbor these bad negative feelings and energy within, it is only a matter of time before this negative energy manifests into your physical body causing health problems if not death from disease.
     There is more than one way to release that negative energy you are harboring within, (yourself) that is destroying your body, literally. If someone has really upset you to the point that you can’t stop thinking about something they did or said, more than a few days later, it still haunts you, losing sleep, eating patterns have changed, etc., etc., etc.. You know when something bothers you, you can’t let it go. Get out a pad of paper and write a letter to whoever has caused you so much stress. Before we go very far with this, get one thing straight, you do not send this letter to anyone. No one is to see or read this letter but yourself. There is a definite reason, however for writing this letter, which is to release that negative energy that you are harboring within yourself so you can start to heal. Get in a quiet area where you will not be bothered and write them a letter and tell them off. Write to that person or persons and tell them why you are so upset, why you are hurt, how they made you feel. Write whatever comes to mind. As long as any thoughts on this come to mind, write it out. You can abbreviate, use symbols, whatever to write it out and fast, just so you know what it means. Write until nothing else comes to mind. You’ve gotten it all out, released it out on the paper, from the mind out through the pen in written words onto the paper. Write until you can’t think of anything else to say. When you are done expressing your feelings and letting out all the negative thoughts about that person or persons and the situation, you will feel a relief. THEN, you start writing that you forgive them. Write you forgive them and why you forgive them. You might write such things as you forgive them because to err is human but to forgive is Divine. You forgive them because you want to be good to yourself. You forgive them because you want to heal. You forgive them completely and unconditionally because you want to heal and now you are doing exactly that, healing from within to without. You forgive them because you are a good person and when you forgive, God forgives you and that is more important. Get the picture? When you write this all out, you will release that negative energy you are harboring within yourself. When you forgive, you start healing yourself. You will too if you do this exercise and put some real effort and thought into it. Your thoughts are things! When you forgive, by writing it out that you forgive, you will feel a peace come over you. Pay attention to how you feel. The feeling is very strong and cannot help but be noticed. When you feel that peace come over you when you forgive someone, you are healing. You’ll then notice that when you think about or speak of that person or situation, there is no emotion or change in your vitals. The heart doesn’t speed up, blood pressure doesn’t rise, acid in the stomach doesn’t increase or get out of control. When that happens, you are free of that negative energy you created in the first place. Yes, you created. Again, it’s about attitude.
     You can take any situation and find many that have had it happen to them as well. However, there are many different reactions to that one and same situation. For example, a spouse finds some very intimate and romantic text messages on their spouse’s phone. One might go crazy, making accusations, file for divorce and leave. Another may ask their spouse what that is about and believe whatever they say because there isn’t a choice. They live happily ever after and it is never mentioned again or thought about it. Another may find it very upsetting, ask their spouse what the text messages are about, what it means, call the other person, drill them, insist on counseling, and stay with their spouse, but thinks about it all the time, losing sleep, thinking about the text messages, nearly every hour, every day, day after day, week after week, month after month. Their thoughts are all negative about the entire situation, no matter how many times their spouse apologizes or explains they made a mistake and didn’t mean anything by it. It was just stupid text messaging and having fun with someone on text messaging. Period. They might even dwell on this situation until their relationship is very bad, their health is in serious jeopardy and nothing matters anymore. When you lose your health, nothing else matters anymore.
     Another way to help you release that negative energy that is being harbored inside is to pray about it. Ask God to help you to completely let go and you will. Pray about it everyday until you don’t feel any feelings about the person or situation.
     One way or another, you have to release the anger you hold in your heart or suffer the consequences before it is too late and you only wish you had done this. Then when you forgive others for the pain they’ve caused you, you have to forgive yourself. Simply talk to
to yourself like you are a third person. Say to yourself  “I love you, (your name) I’m sorry, (your name),  Please forgive me, (your name), Thank you (your name)”. Try saying this repeatedly while falling asleep, silently in your mind or loud enough to hear yourself. Powerful. I use this forgiveness in my hypnosis audio, ‘Achieve Perfect and Radiant Health’ to help you to forgive others as well as yourself which is working with your higher power within so if you can’t do this, going through the physical consciousness to get to your higher self, I help you to speed this up. It works like magic! It’s powerful!


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    1. Thank you for this. Interesting. I love people like this. We need more of this. I wonder if he can improve my eyesight. I will find out. Bless you.


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